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Published 20.08.2018 - Updated 20.08.2018

Study on the drivers of distribution of Northeast Atlantic mackerel in the Northeast Atlantic ocean

In our newest publication ‘Drivers of the summer-distribution of Northeast Atlantic mackerel (Scomber scombrus) in the Nordic Seas from 2011 to 2017; a Bayesian hierarchical modelling approach’ by Nikos Nikolioudakis, Hans Julius Skaug, Anna Olafsdottir, Teunis Jansen, Jan-Arge Jacobsen and Katja Enberg, we analyze the observed distributional patterns of mackerel and identify the factors mainly controlling them.

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Published 25.07.2018 - Updated 25.07.2018

Study on the consumption of zooplankton by pelagic fish in the Northeast Atlantic ocean

In their study entitled “Bioenergetics modeling of the annual consumption of zooplankton by pelagic fish feeding in the Northeast Atlantic”, Eneko Bachiller, Kjell Rong Utne and Teunis Jansen, all EcoNorSe project participants, along with Geir Huse (IMR), modeled the consumption in the Norwegian Sea, which is the main feeding ground for the three main small pelagic fish stocks in the Northeast Atlantic (NEA).

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Published 25.04.2016 - Updated 25.04.2016

EcoNorSe meeting in Os, Norway, 19th-20th April 2016.

The project group including the international participants Gudmundur J. Oskarsson  (Marine Research Institute), Teunis Jansen (Greenland Institute of Natural Resources / DTU Aqua), Jan Arge Jacobsen  (Faroe Marine Research Institute), Antonio Bode (Spanish Institute of Oceanography), and Eneko Bachiller (AZTI-Tecnalia) gathered in Os for a two-day meeting to present current research and discuss ongoing and upcoming project plans.

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Published 14.01.2016 - Updated 14.01.2016

Personal travel grant to Sonnich Meier

Our expert on fatty acid and stable isotope analyses Sonnich Meier has been rewarded a personal travel grant by the Research Council of Norway. Sonnich will be visiting the renowned National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) institute in Seattle for six months starting in May.

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Published 19.10.2015 - Updated 19.10.2015

Introducing our new team member Nikos Nikolioudakis

EcoNorSe has recruited a new postdoc. Nikos Nikolioudakis completed his PhD on the trophic ecology of small pelagic fish and has been working with pelagic fish for more than ten years as a student and later as a post doctoral researcher.

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Published 12.05.2015 - Updated 13.08.2015

Postdoc soon in place

EcoNorSe is in process of recruiting a postdoc, and we will soon post information on the new member of our team.The postdoc-candidate will work with methods for spatial and temporal correlation in ecological data. Observations are of binary type, for instance whether a particular species are present or absent at a spatial site.

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